Friederike Porscha is a Berlin-based, Bavarian-born designer and collector. Her pieces and collections are made using high-quality fabrics combined with unique, vintage components. Her work has been showcased throughout Berlin and is now available internationally.

Made in Germany

Friederike creates traditional, yet timeless, pieces and collections inspired by images and sagas from the 1920′s – 50′s that are influenced by modern design. Reviving old traditions and authentic manufacturing techniques is one of her preoccupations, lending to her tendency towards creating limited editions and unique pieces. Old buttons, vintage textiles and other rarities are combined by hand in her Berlin studio, or with the help of local manufacturers to create pieces that truly are Made in Germany.

Sustainable Design

Having been born and raised in Bavaria, Friederike Porscha’s collections are heavily influenced by the nostalgic and timeless aesthetics surrounding long-standing crafts and traditions. Now Berlin-based, she collects and creates her pieces using high-quality materials, ensuring that each item communicates a story and stands the test of time. Her pieces draw influence from the past and present, although she avoids rule-breaking, seasonal modernism – old traditions and handcrafts have a definitive place within her collections, lending to their ability to stand alone or mix and match. By combining new materials with ephemera from flea markets and antiques, Friederike Porscha creates pieces that foster sustainability, reflection and a mental pause in time.